Gluten Free Review

Love at first bite! I bought this at my local Target after my doctor told me to start a gluten free diet. I’ve had some really horrible gluten free pizza crust, so I was nervous but I was craving pancakes for brinner (breakfast for dinner). I got home started to get everything ready and was like “Wait, all I need is water? Score!” I did add some cinnamon and let me tell you I couldn’t make enough of them. My 12 year old son declared these the best pancakes he’s ever had, seriously we love them. He asks for pancakes all the time. Then I broke down and told him they were gluten free, he thought I was joking, he can’t get enough of the pancakes. I’m glad I came to the site to tell you how great your product is and now I see you have a paleo version! I’m so blown away by that, I will be ordering some in the future because I have not seen them in the store. I have to get through the bags of gluten free first. My only con to the mix is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size.