Gluten Free Review

My husband loves waffles. So, he brought this mix home from Sprouts and it sat in the cupboard for a few days. Then on Saturday morn he decided to try the mix. He mixed the water into two batches of the batter and had enough for four full size round Belgium waffles. For some reason he just decided to add a half a cup of Trader Joe’s Cherry pie filling to the batter. He poured a quarter of Cherry added batter into the waffle maker and we waited. The buzzer went off that the temp was reached and he opened the top of the waffle maker. The waffle looked crisp. A very good sign. I was worried the cherry filling would make the waffle too moist. Boy, was I wrong! This gluten free mix made the best waffle either of us had every eaten. Including our best in town breakfast restaurants. The tart cherries were just the right touch to making the ultra perfect Belgium Waffle. Clearly the Oregon Hazelnut magic is what works to make the perfect waffles on the planet. Now, I just have to get him to try making pancakes.