Introducing Lizzi Ackerman of Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery

Lizzi Ackerman had her mind set on being a doctor. That decision, made after a life-changing event, seemed perfect – until it wasn’t. “As much as I loved medicine,” admits Lizzi, “it wasn’t the right fit.” But that didn’t stop her from being a doctor; she just went a different direction. Lizzi left medicine behind to become Dr. Pancake.

While her title might sound like a joke, Lizzi’s company (which she runs with her husband, Matt) is anything but. Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery is one of the fastest growing pancake mix brands. What started as a solution to a morning problem – how to make natural, good-for-you pancakes as easy as to make as the conventional brands – has since turned into an incredibly successful business. Birch Benders is so successful in fact that they’ve landed in Targets nation-wide. And we trust Target.

In this interview Lizzi shares what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what challenges the company is tackling and even what makes the perfect pancake. We have a feeling Dr. Pancake won’t lead us astray.

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