Animal Face Waffles

How to Make

Birch Benders Homestyle Toaster Waffles
Nut butter
Hazelnut butter
Cream cheese
Slivered almonds

Cat Face Waffle

Cat Face Instructions
  1. Spread the nut butter onto the toasted waffle in a circle
  2. Place strawberry slices on top to create the ears
  3. Place two blueberries in the center for the eyes
  4. Place strawberry slice (we used the end slice) under the eyes for the nose
  5. Place three almond slivers on either side of the nose for the whiskers


Birch Benders Bear face waffle

Bear Face Instructions
  1. Spread hazelnut butter onto the toasted waffle in a circle
  2. Add two bananas slices at the top for the ears and one at the bottom for the nose
  3. Add two blueberries for the eyes and one on top of the banana slice for the nose/mouth


Owl Waffle

Owl Instructions
  1. Spread nut butter onto toasted waffle in a circle
  2. Add two strawberry slices on either side for the wings
  3. Stack two banana slices at the bottom for the stomach feathers
  4. Add two banana slices to the top center & place two blueberries on top of banana slices  for the eyes
  5. Place end slice of a strawberry under banana slices for the beak


Hedgehog Waffle

Hedgehog Instructions
  1. Spread cream cheese onto toasted waffle in a circle
  2. Spread cream cheese onto another toasted waffle in a circle and cut into quarters, that will be used later for the face
  3. Layer the slivered almonds throughout the full cream cheese covered waffle for the the spikes
  4. Stack the quartered waffle at the bottom of the slivered almonds
  5. Add two blueberries for eyes and a raspberry for the nose
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